tisdag 2 oktober 2007

Terry Riley - Rainbow in Curved Air


Minimalism, pattern music, phase music... Call it what you want, but this is the genre Terry Riley single handedly created in the mid-60's and what he is best known for. Back then high-tech, now dinosaur music, it still have the ability to hypnotize you into a dreamy, introspective world. An interesting note for the fellow Nintendo/Rare dwellers is that the title track is pretty similar in style with much of the Donkey Kong Country 3 soundtrack.

1. A Rainbow in Curved Air (18:39)
2. Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band (21:38)

Genre: Avant-Garde
Styles: Ambient, Minimalism, Tape Music
Released: 1967
Length: 40:17

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analogged sa...

thanks for this, and good luck with the blog since it's always difficult starting out.

Also to recommend some people you might like (but might not know) it's worth checking out a japanese guy called Ryoji Ikeda on Raster Noton, since his experiments in sound are incredible.