måndag 1 oktober 2007

Wendy Carlos - The Well-Tempered Synthesizer

Welcome to my blog of so called experimental so called music so called classics. I'll try keep it short and let the music speak for itself. Still, if you have any questions about the composers/albums/works and what not, I'll be more than happy to replay. Right, on to the first album:


You know the cheesy title music for A Clockwork Orange? This is a full-lenght album by that composer, here preforming 18th century western european classical music compositions with a moog synthesizer. Expect a healthy amount of microtonality!

1. Monteverdi: "Orfeo Suite" (Toccata; Ritornello I; Choro II; Ritornello II; Choro II; Ritornello II)
2. Scarlatti: "Sonata In G Major"
3. Scarlatti: "Sonata In D Major"
4. Handel: "Water Music: Bourree"
5. Handel: "Water Music: Air"
6. Handel: "Water Music: Allegro Deciso"
7. Scarlatti: "Sonata In E Major"
8. Scarlatti: "Sonata In D Major"
9. Bach: "Brandenburg Concerto #4 in G Major: Allegro"
10. Bach: "Brandenburg Concerto #4 in G Major: Andante"
11. Bach: "Brandenburg Concerto #4 in G Major: Presto"
12. Monteverdi: "Domine Ad Adjuvandum" (from the 1610 Vespers)
13. Sound Test Tone

Genre: Electronica
Styles: Electronic, Microtonal
Release: 1969
Length: 35:50

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